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EiValue Project Receives Third U.S. DoE SunShot Award: Automating Solar in the Mortgage

EiValue Project Receives Third U.S. DoE SunShot Award: Automating Solar in the Mortgage
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Solar Mortgage

Third SunShot Award Received for Automating Solar in Mortgage

Energy Sense Finance receives U.S. Dept. of Energy funding award for automating solar in the mortgage.

From the DoE Press Release:

The EiValue® platform will ...integrate solar into home mortgages to reduce soft costs.

Unlock one million additional solar installations annually

By automating new solar installations in the mortage, this will have the potential to unlock more than one million, additional, new, homeowner owned solar installations annually on the Nations electric grid system through the application of a transparent, low-cost, consumer-friendly, regulatory-type framework.


Homeowners will finally see increased home values by going solar

By enabling the solar to be added to the home as a real property fixture, all homeowners will be able to participate in the added contributory value of solar in the market value of their home.

It is estimated that fewer than 15% of homeowners installing solar experience that contributory value today.

Estimated 50% reduction in price of solar

This will eventually reduce the cost of solar by up to 50% vs. solar loans and provide a positive cost/benefit for solar in up to 48 States from only 9 States currently.

With a U.S. residential solar adoption rate of only 4%, automating solar in the mortgage will enable a rapid increase in the residential solar adoption rate similar to other countries like Australia where the residential solar adoption rate is nearing 30%.

Leveraging prior success with PvValue

Energy Sense Finance's prior success in scaling the PvValue product to a 20% adoption rate among licensed real estate appraisers - a 5X over the 4% adoption rate for residential solar, is seen as key to enabling the adoption of this new, low-cost, automated, regulatory-type platform.

This is the third U.S. Doe SunShot award received by Energy Sense Finance for automating solar in the mortgage with the EiValue platform, in addition to multiple DoE SunShot funding awards through Sandia National Laboratories/NNSA.

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